Jordyn S

Week #26
April 7
Yesterday afternoon my sister and I were walking on the sandy beach when we heard a faint squeaking. My sister is older than me, so she went to investigate. “Stay here, it might be dangerous!” she said to me. She walked over behind the bush to see... a tiny, yellow, hopeless duckling. She screamed because the duckling was so thin, he must have been malnourished. “Where's your mama?” my sister asked the poor little duckling. She called beach control right away and they rushed over with their shiny tools to help the duckling find his way back to his mother.

Week #25

March 18

I was on the couch when my dad came in and told me that Mrs.Mcwheel needed
 help. I went outside to see Mrs. Mcwheel. “Oh my poor little Whiskers” she cried.
Her cat had gotten out and was lost. I'm the only one who was small enough to get
in small places to look for her. I walked to the park to see the cat up in the tallest tree.
Mrs.McWheel saw her cat and scurried over. Than climbed the tree and saved
whiskers. She safely came down. That was a great day, but i'm still wondering how
did she get up there?

Week #24

March 11, 2018

Long ago in a little town in england lived a man. A itty bitty man. The man lives a normal life. One day the man went down the the fields. He was having a good time until… Then the ground began to shake then… a human was coming towards the man. The human was tall and limber and he was holding a teacup. The human was going to step on the man so he clinged onto his shoelace for as long as possible until he hit the man's ankle and down came the human with his teacup plunging into the ground.

Week #23

March 4, 2018

My mom comes home everyday and complains about how much she HATES her job. For example her office is way to small but what if I was in charge? If I was in charge I would make sure everyone had a equal sized office to work. Another Example is that there is only 4 computers to share among 15 people but what if I was in charge? If I was in charge I would ensure that everyone was equipped with a high tech computer.  My mother's job is not easy but what if I was in charge? To be continued….
Week #20
Feb 11

My dad and I are at the amusement park.  We are going on a   brand new ride. It’s called the black widow, it has long  black spider-like cars and a sleek shiny track, and a sign that said Black Widow  We passed the LONG line and the counducterds booth. I hoped at the end of the line slowly looking up at the monster in front of me. “ ALL ABOARD” the man said as I was getting in the car. As it started we were moving very fast when  the car stopped because there was a big malfunction in the  system.

Week #19
Feb 4

My sister and I went down to the store to buy a gallon of glue. We are going to make slime together today.  

A little bit of glue, some glitter , some shaving foam,  a pinch of baking soda, and some contact lens solution makes the best slime. We made it on the kitchen counter.  My sister made a watery green glow-in-the-dark slime. It looked like the Nickelodeon slime.

As she was draining out the water in her bowl her slime slithed down the sink, as it came down the drainpipe we both realized that we had some nasty trouble ahead.

Week #18

Jan. 28, 2018

Theres a new statue in the park. Mayor says it represents world peace . When I look at it it makes me feel warm and  happy. This feeling you cant get anywere else it is it own. Mayor says the statue will be towrn down  when all countrys have peace. My name is Sophia Im potographer. I live  in Singapore. My goal for the new year is to take a photo for the statues every day unil I die and then I will have my children take photos of them and this will keep on going until we have world peace.
Week #15

In the beging ofthe day in Timmy was  playing ball with his father. POW the ball had just dissaperd into thin air. Timmys dad went to Mrs.barros house to see if the ball got thrown over the fence. After dad had left, Timmy watied on the porch he went inside to see mom and get some lemonad but mom was not there and the lemonade was all out. Dad had ben gone for an hour Timmy was getting nevors he had a reason because to this day no one rembers that Tims mom and dad are still out there waiting to find some boy to haunt and to make the next Timmy hollender...

Week #14

Lets see how many people liked my post going to  the zoo?

“ZERO meaning NOBODY!” Monkey screamed

BUT Wait  I got a comment though lets see

You stink  @GlitterPuppyprincess17

“WHAT!”  “HOW?”  “WHY?”   

Im going to do what all monkey’s must do.. chalange the beast, IM going to fight fire with fire!

 Well @Glitterpuppyprincess17 I hapen to think you stink like moldy wet dog and I think you should go pick on some one your own size.    @thebigmonkeyman

I feel better but I don”t want to hurt her feelings, thats also what all monkey’s must do be the better man.
Week #13
Dec. 3
Yay! We were in a zoo walking around haveing fun until we here “the park is closeing” “The park is closeing?!” we run to the exit but we are just not fast enough. We were stuck there all of the emploes were gone just us! My little brother was looking at the tigers until the 5 t become 4 until they were gone. AAAHHHH we run frantically around until We find a small hole in the fence mom went out first then my brother ran up to a tiger! It snarled at him I told him to come but we were to late the tiger was blocking our escape...Than I woke up .

Week #12
Nov. 29

Mike hurried down the hallway to lunch to eat his newest invention the white bread battery powered energetic sandwich. Mike dashed down the hall “this moderized sandwich will win me a nobel prize” he exclaimed. Mike carefully unzipped the big navy blue lunch box he told mom to  put in the invention before she left for work he opened it to see a paper bag with PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY. With a note “have a awesomely good day mom was in a hurry to get to work early she has a important meeting love you -dad”.

Week #9

Nov. 5, 2017

It was a full moon and in the town of hackleton they have a tradition that on every full moon at exactly 3:00 AM all of the townspeople come outside to stargaze but today at 2:59 we hear a cackling. At 3 everyone comes out but stands at there step. All of the shadows instead of watching the stars they watch the witches fly. So now only in hackleton on every full moon the witches come to have their yearly laugh i'm warning to to watch out for the full moon because the witch's may be watching YOU.

Week #8

Oct. 29

Tomorrow is the 4th of July all of the red white and blue will be celebrated. Outside we will go swimming in the cool  pool and when it gets dark we will see the flame go up in a warm bonfire. For dinner we will have hot dogs and hamburgers (with ketchup and mustard) and also tomorrow my whole family is coming for swimming and food and lots of red white and blue. On the 4th of july the USA’s flag is celebrated with fireworks and friends and family (and hotdogs) but mostly coming together for a fun filled day.

Week #7
Oct. 23

One day in the summer I had my cousins over we were running outside and doing summer stuff until I was looking at the flowers and my other cousin Aidan was looking at the garden snake slithering in the bushes and my other cousin Sean was hitting a baseball against the gutter. It was a boiling hot day, to hot to do anything so we lie here until I hear a loud crash. Sean had hit a baseball and smashed the window. It all happened in a blur but as the door slammed, I knew Sean was in BIG trouble

Week #6
Oct. 16
One morning cold Timmy and his family went out for a walk. Timmy put on his boots and his rain coat. Timmy walked the narrow path until the air began to get cold and rain poured down thunder and lightning BOOM. Timmy’s dad is a storm chaser and his mom is a weatherman but  they are even scared of the monster in the sky. His mom and dad run away calling out “Timmy come the twister will eat you” His mom and dad called. Twister vs timmy. Timmy passed out face first into the puddle in front of him.  

Week #4
Week of 10/1

One day in Ny city a dog named bob. Was playing when, he went missing “were did he go” his owner heather said. Everyday he disappeared. Until one day on the other side of town was a glasses store. Not many people shopped there in fact no people at all because the eyeglass store was for DOGS.One day Heather stumbled upon the store she walked in to see her dog sitting on the counter the woman behind the counter with the harry neck turned around and to heathers surprise she was a dog and the dog was wearing glasses.

Week of 9/24 #3

Once apon a time in a old little town lived a Mr.Crocodile he worked in a big school all of his studetes called him Professor Crocodile. Professor Crocodile was not like other Crocodiles he was Purple his tail was twisted around. His class was difficult to pass Because every one would laugh at the poor professor l. It hurt professor crocodiles feelings. So he took a bath in green paint of corse the next day he walks outside and it starts to rain junt on him “ugg I guss in purple for ever at least in myself” he says.


  1. Hi Jordyn,
    What a great piece this week. You have set the scene very well.
    Keep writing,
    Mrs. Wlazlo in Stillwater, NY
    Team 100

  2. Well done on your entry this week Jordyn. You've done a great job with the prompt. I'll be careful at the next full moon. They do say that strange things happen during a full moon!
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c
    Dublin, Irealnd

  3. Hi Jordyn,

    What an imaginative use of the 5 prompt words this week! I am curious to learn more about this battery powered sandwich. It sounds like it revolutionise lunchtime. Keep up the good work.

    Michael (Team 100wc), Warwick, UK.

  4. Hi Jordyn,

    What an exciting sandwich! How do you make a battery powered sandwich? I like how you've cleverly incorporated all the words in the prompt in to a unique story idea. Maybe try adding some commas to break up your sentences, as this could make your story easier to read.
    Thanks for taking part in 100WC this week.

    Hannah (Team 100) -Birmingham, UK

  5. Well done Jordyn, you've done a great job this week. I really enjoyed your story. It made me laugh, because it's exactly the kind of thing that might happen!
    Pity about the Nobel Prize!
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

  6. Hi Jordyn I liked how you and your sister were making slime and when the slime went down the drainpipe you knew there was trouble up ahead!
    Emily R. classmate NY,USA

  7. Hi Jordyn! I love how you described the roller coaster. It seemed like the coaster cars really were a black widow! keep it up!

    From, Evan B, Hub buddy Guilderland NY, U.S.A

  8. Hi Jordyn. You really described how much your mom hates her job. I hope she does get her way soon. Bye!

    1. Thank you Evan I love getting feedback from my classmates.