Evan E

Week #26

April 7, 2018
One sunny day I woke up in my tiny yellow house and went to my car. I got into my
shiny car and drove to work. I walked into the building I work at and noticed that
the air felt thin. Something was off about my coworkers. I couldn't see what it was until
chicken salad sandwiches started spewing out of their mouths. I ran as fast as I could out
the door and tried to get into my car, but it was locked. I left the key in the office.
Chicken salad sandwiches ran towards me. It was hopeless.

Week #25
March 18, 2018

One day I was walking by a mountain on my daily hike. Then I noticed a chicken salad sandwich
with arms, legs, and a mouth standing on top of the mountain. How did he get up there?
After I saw the chicken salad sandwich ,I ran hoping to lose it. Then I saw a giant dust cloud
coming towards me. It was... it was... it was an army of chicken salad sandwiches! I ran the other
way trying not to get trampled. I was running away and then I stopped at a cliff. The chicken salad
sandwiches were surrounding me.

Week #24

March 11, 2018

One day I woke up to see a giant teacup in my yard. I ran outside and the teacup had chicken salad sandwiches in it. So I picked one up. Then I noticed that it had a face! Then I noticed they all had faces. They were saying something to me, but I couldn't understand what it was. They were saying something like, “Go away go away!” I started to run away and they started running after me. I found a grocery store to hide in. I thought I was safe until I saw chicken salad sandwiches running at me!

Week #23

March 4, 2018

I saw on the news that evil chicken salad sandwiches are taking over the world. But what if I was in charge? In charge of the chicken salad sandwich army. I would be in charge of the most powerful army in the universe. The difference would be i could use the chicken salad sandwiches for good things. Good things like protecting the world and fighting crime. But that would never happen because the chicken salad sandwich general is tough. He protects the chicken salad sandwich queen.. That's why I want to be in charge of the chicken salad sandwich army.

Week #20
Feb. 11

It was a almost normal day in Los Angeles. I woke up  and walked to work. I got into work. And after a while I got hungry. So I got out my lunch box and took a bite of my chicken salad sandwich. But I heard a “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” I looked at my sandwich and it was screaming! I stood up and ran out of the door with all of my co workers. We were moving fast when I tripped, Everyone else ran away but I was stuck on the ground. And chicken salad sandwiches were not that far behind me.

Week #18

Jan. 28, 2018

One day I was walking in the park like always I passed by the statues like usual but there was something wrong. Something was leaking out of one of the statues it was MAYONNAISE! Then mini chicken salad sandwiches exploded out and ran at me! I went home and saw on the news chicken salad sandwiches were taking over guilderland. I went to my friends house to tell him his house was flooded with mayonnaise chicken and bread. I ran back to my house and told my parents. After awhile they were everywhere we heard a knock at the door.
Week #16
Jan 14

Once there was a depressed hand. He had no purpose in life he had no job and he didn't have A home . He sold apples out of a cardboard box on the street for $1 each. He lived in A 1 star hotel and he had an IPhone 4. His only friend was voice control on his phone and most of the time when he asked it something it would say I am not permitted to do that for you. So one day he went to the top of his hotel building and jumped off and fell down and died.

Week #15
…In the beginning…
One day Michael the Turtle was sitting in the shell lair when he got an alert.
Ring! Ring! Ring! The ice cream store was getting robbed. Michael the Turtle
got into his shellicopter and, flew to the ice cream shop. He saw the robber and, in the
beginning it looked like he was wearing regular clothes but, then he saw that the robber
was wearing jail cloths. He was the sweet snatching criminal of 1998. Michael the Turtle
flew down to get the robber. The robber ran away but, Michael the Turtle caught him and
brought him to jail.

To Be Continued...

Week #14
The monkey was angry because he was playing call of duty ww2 and he died.

He was trying to prestige his mountain class to get a new sniper so he could dominate in tdm, but someone snuck up on him with a shovel. He was one kill away from getting prestige and getting the bronze star. If I was the monkey I would put the person recording this through the table and then brake everything in the whole house. I would be that cross if someone took my chicken strips and ran away that's how I would get that mad.

Week #13
Dec 3
One day we were in the rainforest looking at all the different animals. My brother said hey look there's A tiger the tiger saw us and started running at us. We ran far away and we saw I way out but the tiger was blocking our escape so we ran the other direction. We ran and ran and we thought we were safe so we stopped. But then the tiger jumped out of A bush we ran as fast as we could. And then we saw A exit so we ran out the exit. We were safe from the tiger.

Week #12

Nov. 26

One day ate eat lunch fast because I had to go to a baseball game. So I went to the table and I ate my white bread sandwich. After that I was very  Energetic. My moms car battery was dead to we went in my dad's truck. We got there late so i ran to the field. the game just started  My team was in the field. My team won the game by far I went to the concession stand and got A freeze pop. After that I went home and relaxed and had dinner and thought about the day
Week #9
Nov. 5, 2017

It is the night before halloween and the ghosts come out shopping. They are shopping for supplies to make A haunted house. They will buy everything that has A halloween theme to it. It will be the scariest best haunted house ever people will love it. When they were done shopping they all went to set up the best the scariest haunted house ever. And on halloween night there was A huge line people loved the ghosts haunted house but then halloween was over, And the ghosts planned for their next haunted house. Which was going to be even better.

Week #7

Oct. 23
One day I was fighting with my brother when mom told him to go up to his room, but he didn't. He argued with her. Finally he stomped upstairs. As the door slammed, I knew he was mad at me. I imagined after he came down how mad he would be at me. I waited for a while until I could hear my mom saying he could come down. I was ready for him to start yelling at me, but he did not. He just walked past me not talking to me at all He sat down and watched tv.

Week of 9/24

Professor Crocodile was very excited about being a teacher he walked into the school he went to his classroom to wait for his class. After everyone in his class came in they all sat in the circle and told their names and their favorite colors. One kid said that mis name was josh and that his favorite color was purple. One kid brought a stuffed animal pig into class that had a twisted tail. Professor crocodile saw that the homework was very difficult and was happy that he didn't have to do the homework. Professor crocodile had a great day


  1. Can you imagine the fun of having a crocodile as a teacher. I can almost see him walking into the class and what the children would be thinking !You have made a clever use of the 5 words in the prompt.

  2. Hi Evan,
    Sounds like a fight my sister and I would have had when we were younger. I hope you've smoothed things over.
    Keep writing,
    Mrs. Wlazlo in Stillwater, NY
    Team 100

  3. No I'm really curious Evan why your brother didn't come start yelling at you. Loved the way you used the prompt.

    Sherry (Team 100)
    London, England

  4. Well done on your entry this week Evan! It sounds like a very typical argument between siblings! Slamming doors are part of that!
    Keep up the great writing.
    Well done.
    Ms Brennock

  5. I’m loving Professor Crocodile, Evan. He reminds me of a picture book.. perhaps you have some illustrations in mind! Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading.

  6. Evan,
    I like how you have Professor Crocodile have kids to introduce themselves
    Emily, Classmate

  7. Evan I like how you left of wondering the knock

  8. Evan i love all your stories they are so funny

    Sophia B in your class

  9. Evan you have a great Imagination. Your ideas are very original

  10. Oh my goodness! That sounds like a nightmare - being chased by chicken salad sandwiches! I wonder what was happening. You have a great imagination.
    Well done.
    Ms Brennock
    Hub Buddy

  11. Oh my goodness! The chicken sandwiches are back!! You must have had a bad experience with chicken.
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock